Jazz Symphony Orchestra

Where Am I Going? (2016)
            for 52 piece orchestra

Jazz Big Band

Unshakable Mind (2018) - BMI/Charlie Parker Prize Winning Piece

Album 'April' (2017) - Jihye Lee Orchestra 1st Album

  1. April Wind
  2. Sewolho
  3. Deep Blue Sea
  4. Whirlwind
  5. Guilty
  6. You Are Here (Every Time I Think of You)


Story of Jazz by Vincent Herring (2017)
            with Jon Faddis, Jeremy Pelt, Robin Eubanks, James Carter, Carl Allen and more

Fragile by Sting (2017)
            for 52 piece orchestra

Film Scoring/Featured

Blessed Maria (2017)
            Film directed by Hannah J Leigh

Noona (2013)
            Film directed by Wonsik Lee
            featured 'Goo-ae' by Jiyo

Chamber Ensemble

Do You Love Me (2017)
            for piano and voice

Chasing Deer (2016)
            for flute, clarinet, flugelhorn, viola and cello

Unshakable Mind is about my admiration for a determined spirit that perseveres through hardship and remains unwavering in the face of adversity. One note, symbolizing this ethos, stays constant throughout the piece.



Album 'Priceless' (2013) - True Worshipers (composition and lyric by Jihye Lee)

       1. Lord, You Are Good
       2. Come
       6. Stained with Tears
       8. Priceless
       9. His Grace Is Enough
       10. I will Come before Him

Album 'Decalcomanie' (2011) - Produced/Composed/Lyric/Vocal by Jiyo (Jihye Lee)

  1. 데칼코마니
  2. 나의 삶
  3. 오늘 같은 날이면
  4. 멀어지고 있지
  5. 그렇게도
  6. 겨울나무
  7. 지금 우리는
  8. 열병
  9. 보지 못했던 니 사랑
  10. 가방

Album 'Jiyo' (2010) - Produced/Composed/Lyric/Vocal by Jiyo (Jihye Lee)

  1. 봄이 오면
  2. 갈림길
  3. 들꽃같고 싶어
  4. 구애
  5. 사랑하지 않을거라면
  6. 요즘 (hidden track)